Previous Expo Poster Presentations | Department of Anthropology

Previous Expo Poster Presentations


Matt Artz
User Research

Melissa Booth
A Planet Run by the Sun

Caitlin Griffith
Change & Accesibility

Erica Hawvermale
Golden Triangle Mall: Redevelopment Plan

Chris Ice
Operating As Leaders Program

Meghan Kajihara
Institutional Effectiveness in Non-Profits and Higher Education

Kristin Kaosa
Biological Anthropology

Kelly Moran
User Experience Research

Skye O'Neill
Anthropology, Animals, and Community

John Sarmiento
Digital Software Agency

Elizabeth Sidler
Anthropology Strengthening Democracy

Kyle West
Clinical Rating for Psychiatric Research

Julia Wolfe
Anthropology and Public Health


Madeline Fink
Anthropology and U.S. Citizenship

Celeste Garcia
Health Outcomes for Children and Their Families

Caitlin Griffith
Change and Accessibility

Diana Harrelson Hubbard
Cyber Anthropology

Chris Ice
Operating As Leaders Program

Emily Graves Marks
Anthropology Matters in Healthcare

Molly Rempe
Using Anthropology in a Tech Accelerator

Janelle Robles
Seeking Justice through Activism, Policy Changes, and Law

Mia Rook
Utilizing Anthropology in the Museum Field

Andrea Semlow
Anthropology in Citizen Science

Mariah Tyler
Publishing and Visual Media

Priscilla Villa
Anthropology in Action

David Warner
Market Research


Ana Belen Conrado
Anthroplogy & Public Health

Sarah Ben-Ezra
Anthropology at the Museum

Orsolya Ficsor
Anthropology and City Year

Geoff Garbina
Anthropoogy in User Experience Design

Brook Gibbs
Anthropology Matters...In Corporate America

Rachel Adams Gonzalez
Anthropology in Texas LGBTQ Advocacy

Jocelyn Huelsman
User Research

Bridget Landis
Using Anthropology and Entrepreneurship to Help the Nonprofit Sector

Andrea McCoy
Anthropology Makes Brand Experiences More Human

Logan McLaughlin
Esports Ethnography: Helping Sponsors Understand Their Audience

Emma Nalin
Applying Anthropology to Support a Nonprofit Clinic

Sarah Sharp
Anthropology in Elementary Education

Corey Troiani
Grassroots Activism & Applied Anthropology


Anthropology and AmeriCorps VISTA

Jo Aiken
Space Anthropology

Raja Ayyad
Applying Anthropology to Understand Perspectives of Urban Gardens in Dallas

Amanda Berard
Using Anthropology & Cannabis

Steve Carlson
Anthropology & Agriculture

Christopher Ferrell
Reducing Truck Driver Turnover

Tracy Jungwirth
Using Anthropology to Make a Difference

Gene Luster
Fostering a Culture of Internal and External Customer Service for Business

Angela Ramer
Architecture/Design + Anthropology

Heather Roth
Applying Anthropology to Interfaces and Software

Julia Weinstein Wolfe
Anthropology in Public Health


It's Up to Anthropologists to Repeople the Numbers

Using Anthropology to Understand Health Risks in a Fracked Community

Lee Ann Allen
Anthropology in Nonprofit Formation

Lauren Barker
How to be an Anthropologist When You Aren't Called an Anthropologist

Joshua Liggett
Mental Health, Foster Care, Adoptions, and LGBTQ+ Research

Logan McLaughlin
Designing Autonomous Vehicles with Anthropology

Brian Price
Anthropology in Urban Planning Practice

Lisa Quirk
Anthropology in Clinical Science Research

Daley Ryan
Anthropology Works

John Sarmiento
Putting the Anthropology into mHealth Design

Molly Shade
Anthropology in Product Development

Ian Watt
Applying Anthropology to Promote Health Literacy and Population Health

Amanda Whatley
Anthropology as the -to- in Farm-to-Table

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