Summer 2024 Course Schedule | Department of Anthropology

Summer 2024 Course Schedule

For a comprehensive list of our undergraduate Anthropology courses with their descriptions, please check back for the Summer 2024 Course Listing to be posted here.

Official Course Schedules:

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3 WEEK 1: 5/13-5/31

ANTH 4300.200 - Migrants and Refugees
Instructor: J. Carrington
Internet. Asynchronous. No set meeting times.

Anthropological understanding of "uprooted" and displaced social groups who leave their country and culture. Worldwide political, economic and social issues are analyzed, as are the processes of accommodation, adaptation and re-creation of their cultural systems in different socioeconomic and political contexts. Beginning with general characteristics of the anthropological discussion on "displacement", the course then ventures into different models for the analysis and understanding of migration and refugee movements.

5 WEEK 1: 5/20-6/21

ANTH 1010.200 - Introduction to Anthropology
Instructor: D. Henry
Internet. Asynchronous. No set meeting times.

Surveys and explains the cultural, linguistic and biological legacy of humankind, from antiquity to the present, using the research tools of anthropology. Anthropology is both a scientific and humanistic endeavor that attempts to explain the differences and similarities between and among human groups. Anthropology studies where people come from, who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

ANTH 1150.200 - World Cultures through Film
Instructor: A. Nelson
Internet. Asynchronous. No set meeting times.

Through the use of ethnographic and documentary film, as well as lecture/discussion, this web-based course illustrates the life ways, values and beliefs of human societies throughout the world. This survey includes examples from native North America, Latin America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, East Asia, Melanesia, Polynesia, modern North America and Europe.

ANTH 3101.200 - Issues in Contmporary American Culture & Society
Instructor: J. Johnson
Internet. Asynchronous. No set meeting times.

Shifting American cultural values, emergent and contested identities, and complex social institutions undergird some of the most significant social issues in America today. Oriented around the core concept of culture and cultural groups, the course is designed to introduce anthropological frameworks for understanding cultural diversity, and to develop critical thinking skills for identifying, describing and explaining the social complexities of American (U.S.) culture. Ethnographic case studies combine with current events to orient the intricacies of cultural diversity, while discussion and critical reflection raise awareness and broaden perspectives of lives and livelihoods in the United States. Special time and attention are devoted to both mainstream and subcultural identities in this pluralist, secular, nation-state culture.

8 WEEK: 6/3-7/26

ANTH 3110.200 - Indigenous Peoples of North America
Instructor: E. Camacho
Internet. Asynchronous. No set meeting times.

Examines the common stereotypes and media (mis)interpretations of indigenous peoples and cultures in order to see beyond such one-dimensional portrayals of the American Indian. Introduction to a number of important themes in the history of Native American peoples over the last 500 years, including colonization, culture change and sovereignty. Students gain a sense of the richness and diversity of Native American culture and experience.

ANTH 2300.200 - Culture & Society
Instructor: J. Carrington
Internet. Asynchronous. No set meeting times.

Cultural anthropology is the social science that tries to make sense out of people's lifestyles around the world, encompassing many subjects such as law, religion, politics, health, language, economics and globalization. It involves analyzing human ways of life with holistic, comparative, global, and relativistic perspective. As we compare and contrast different cultures around the world, we just as often analyze ourselves.


5 WEEK 2: 6/24-7/26

ANTH 5000.200 - Seminar in Sociocultural Anthropology
Instructor: J. Johnson
Internet. Asynchronous. No set meeting times.

Survey of anthropological attempts to understand and explain the similarities and differences in culture and human behavior.