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Prospective Students

Discover Anthropology at UNT!

Navigate through the pictures below to watch a campus tour, read more about what anthropology is and what anthropologists do, and meet one of our recent alumni Tam Do!

Click the image below for a brief video tour of our campus:

Click below to meet one of our recent alumni in her journey as a first-gen student at UNT:

What is anthropology?

For an overview of what anthropologists do, check out this article in Sapiens, an anthropology magazine:

The Guardian also has an article about the field of anthropology, which is linked below!

What can you do with a degree in anthropology?

"The Captivating and Curious Careers of Anthropology" by the American Anthropological Association

AnthroPets: Meet our faculty's furry friends!

Keep up with with our department!

Check out anthFM, the new department podcast! Click on the image below to watch a trailer:

Episode 1: What Is Anthropology?

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