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Speakers at UNT

Speakers are an important part of our programs, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. They bring expertise and experience into the classroom and beyond so that students can learn directly from additional professional anthropologists.

We are proud to list the 2020-2021 Department of Anthropology Speakers:

Soledad Álveraz Velasco, PhD, MA
University of Houston
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Theresa (Isa) Arriola, PhD, MA
Independent Researcher
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Megan Baker, MA
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
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Steve Carlson, MS
Practical Farmers of Iowa
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Ana Belen Conrado, MS
UT Southwestern Medical Center
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Shannon Cronin, MS
Salvation Army Midland Division
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Jonathan Echeverri Zuluaga, PhD, MA
Universidad de Antioquia

Leonardo Falcón, PhD
Nassau Community College

Alexander J. Fichera, PHR
Intuito Group
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Gareth Fisher, PhD
Syracuse University

Brooke Gibbs, MS
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Tanya Golash-Boza, PhD, MA
University of California, Merced
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Kristen Hanich, MS
Parks Associates
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Nicole Matheny Huddleston, MA
Elite Research
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Morgan Kainu
International Space Analog Research and Education Company
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Ashley Kempkes
Everett Public Libraries
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Maurice Magaña, PhD
University of Arizona

Saira Mehmood, PhD, MA
Spelman College
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Elisha R. Oliver, PhD
Oklahoma State University-OKC
Generation Paideia Research and Consulting
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Sofía Pacheco-Forés, PhD
Hamline University

Danielle Quintanilla
Fujitsu Network Communications
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Lance A. Rasbridge, PhD
Hatcher Station Health Center, Parkland Hospital

Gideon Singer, PhD
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Kitty Sopow, MS
Alaska Environmental Science and Services Integration Center
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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Gigi Taylor, MS
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David Warner
Trinity Life Sciences
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Cory Wornell, MS, MPH
US Agency for International Development
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