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Applied Anthropology Expo

Welcome to the 2024 9th Annual Applied Anthropology Expo

February 15, 2024

2:00 - 4:00 pm
Union 333

Poster Session

Meet anthropologists and explore multiple areas of applied work (come and go!)
4:00 - 5:30 pm
Union 332
Careers Panel Q&A with practicing anthropologists who are UNT Alumni
Poster Session:

UNT alumni anthropologists have created posters explaining how they use anthropology in their work. You can explore the posters at your own pace.

Careers Panel:

This panel will start with a celebration of our Alumni Making a Difference Award. Next, panelists will be asked a series of pre-arranged questions. Finally, the panel will be opened up to all participants for Q&A. Attendees can put their questions in the chat or ask verbally. This panel will be live directly after the poster session and available via Zoom for our online students. Click here to watch a recording of the 2024 Careers Panel (Alumni Making a Difference Award for the first 17 minutes).


For more information about our presenters, click here to look through our 2023 Expo Brochure! 2024 coming soon.

Extra Credit:

Students can receive extra credit for attending the Applied Anthropology Expo. Please check with your anthropology faculty for how to get credit.

Raffle! Raffle! Raffle!

Similarly to previous years, we will be raffling off UNT Department of Anthropology swag during the poster session!

2024 Posters

Andrea Semlow
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Ashley Harvey
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Ashlyn Thomas
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Chanel Jimenez
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Chanel Wilson
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Claire Carson Deahl
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Erica Hawvermale
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Jessica Hogue
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Lauren McGregor
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Natalie Morrissey
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Raja Ayyad
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Riley Freeman
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Shelly Barnes
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Thien Chau Bui
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