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On-Campus Master's Program


The on-campus master's program offered by UNT's Department of Anthropology was created in 2000 to serve students who wanted to obtain an advanced degree in applied anthropology. Most of our graduate courses are offered in the evening to make the program more accessible for students who work during the day. On-campus students enjoy the small size of each cohort and the opportunities to meet with other students and faculty.The program can be completed in two years. In order to do so, students take three classes each fall and spring semester, for a total of twelve classes.

Quote from an on-campus student:
"Although I am a commuter, the on-campus Applied Anthropology program has been beneficial in a number of ways. The supportive and easily accessible network of fellow students, faculty and staff has been an incredible resource. I've been able to make connections that I feel I may have missed in an on-line program. It's not just the content of lectures, lessons and readings but it's the type of learning that emerges from sharing physical presence; it's the brainstorm sessions during break times or the impromptu unloading of the day's stresses with fellow students. I feel very lucky to be a part of such an incredible department; it has been empowering and transformative."

Degree Options

Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology (36 hours)
For the Master of Arts degree, students fulfill the 36 hours of degree requirements and demonstrate knowledge of a foreign language. Either they complete 2 years of study of a language (undergraduate credit hours will be accepted), or they take an examination given by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. More information about the foreign language requirements can be found here.

Master of Science in Applied Anthropology (36 hours)
For the Master of Science degree, students fulfill the 36 hours of degree requirements including a course in an additional skill appropriate to their area of interest.

Dual Degree with MS in Applied Anthropology and Master's of Public Health (63 hours)
For the dual degree in applied anthropology and public health, students fulfill 27 hours in applied anthropology and 36 hours in public health. You can find more information on the dual degree here.

Suggested Timeline for Full Time Students

Summer, before starting program

  • ANTH 5000 Seminar in Sociocultural Anthropology (required for students with fewer than 12 hrs of anth)

Fall, Year 1

  • ANTH 5010 Anthropological Thought & Praxis I (Prerequisite: 5000 if needed)
  • ANTH 5031 Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods
  • Elective

Spring, Year 1

  • ANTH 5021 Anthropological Thought & Praxis II (Prerequisite: 5010)
  • ANTH 5041 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
  • ANTH 5050 Preparation for Practice and the Applied Thesis

Fall, Year 2

  • ANTH 5950 Applied Thesis (Prerequisites: 5010, 5021, 5031, 5041, 5050)
  • Elective
  • Elective

Spring, Year 2

  • ANTH 5950 Applied Thesis (Prerequisites: 5010, 5021, 5031, 5041, 5050)
  • Elective
  • Elective

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