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Report a Departmental Issue

The Department of Anthropology welcomes the opportunity for members of our community to report issues to the department chair anonymously.

Some examples include:

  • something happened in the department that isn't discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, but made people feel uncomfortable
  • something happened in a class that needs to be addressed by a faculty member or about a faculty member
  • something about the teaching material that students want to communicate, but feel uncomfortable bringing up with the faculty member during the semester.

Before proceeding, review the UNT's policies on reporting. If the act qualifies as discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, as defined below, it must be reported through the Division of Institutional Equity & Diversity.

From the Division of Institutional Equity & Diversity regarding Equal Opportunity & Title IX:

  • The University of North Texas (University) prohibits discrimination and harassment because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law in its application and admission processes; educational programs and activities; employment policies, procedures, and processes; and University facilities. The University takes active measures to prevent such conduct and investigates and takes remedial action when appropriate. The University also prohibits and takes actions to prevent retaliation against individuals who report or file a charge of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct; participate in an investigation, or oppose any form of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct.
  • Reporting Obligations: Every member of the university community has a responsibility to keep the environment free of discrimination and harassment. The University can take corrective action only when it becomes aware of problems. Therefore, the University encourages persons who believe that they have experienced discrimination or harassment to come forward promptly with their inquiries, reports, or complaints and to seek assistance from EO (Equal Opportunity) staff. Supervisors have a responsibility to notify EO when they receive complaints of discrimination or harassment from parties within their units.
  • Anyone who is aware of a suspected violation of the policies prohibiting discrimination/harassment is obligated to notify EO.

If you wish to report discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, please complete the university form on File a Complaint.

More information about Equal Opportunity and Title IX can be found on the webpage.

If you wish to report any other issue occurring within the Department of Anthropology community (among students, in classes, with faculty/staff, in the department), please complete the department form by clicking "Report an Issue" below. The first page will ask you to confirm that you understand the need to report discrimination, harassment, or retaliation to the university.

This box say Report a Departmental Issue