Academic Integrity Policy | Department of Anthropology

Academic Integrity Policy

University Policy

Please see the UNT Student Academic Integrity Policy (06.003) for all university-level policies and procedure regarding acadmic integriy.

Department Policy

The Department of Anthropology expects its students to abide by the high ethical standards of practicing professionals within the field of anthropology. The Department does not tolerate cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty, forgery, plagiarism, or sabotage. This includes the use of unauthorized professional writing/editing services and generative AI for assignments. Students are expected to follow the American Anthropological Association's code of ethics: "In their capacity as researchers, anthropologists are subject to the ethical principles guiding all scientific and scholarly conduct. They must not plagiarize, nor fabricate or falsify evidence, or knowingly misrepresent information or its source" (

Students are encouraged to use the UNT Writing Center. For additional resources to help with paper writing, including how to avoid plagiarism and how to use citations, see the Department of Anthropology Writing Guide. For information on the University's policies and procedures regarding academic integrity and dishonesty, see the UNT Student Academic Integrity policy.

Course Procedures

Check your individual course syllabus.