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Alicia Re Cruz

Dr. Alicia Re Cruz
Professor of Anthropology
General Academic Building 110D

Alicia Re Cruz works in the area of migration since 1986. Her professional career started working with Maya peasants in the Yucatan and the cultural transformation associated to Maya migration towards Cancun. She is the author of The Two Milpas of Chan Kom (1996) and the video producer of an ethnographic documentary, The Maya Dreams of Chan Kom (2006), which analyzes the political, socio-economic and cultural effects of Maya migration to Cancun. On 1992, as an assistant professor of Anthropology at the University of North Texas, Alicia Re Cruz initiates her research focused on transnational migration, particularly in reference to the Latino immigrants. She has devoted the last two decades to the multi-dimensional cultural phenomenon of migration, either trans-local, in reference to rural-urban indigenous migration or trans-national in reference to migration across borders. Among the anthropological studies related to transnational migration, Alicia Re Cruz is the author of Migrant Women Crossing Borders (1998), Taquerías, Laundromats and Protestant Churches, the Landmarks of the Hispanic Barrios in Denton (2005), When Immigrants Root and Transnational Communities Grow (2005). On 1999, she started the Immigration Resource Council for Conflict Resolution a program aiming at dealing and solving issues and problems emerging from cultural clashes and misunderstandings. She was the director of this program until 2002. She has continued her professional career weaving anthropological theory and praxis. For instance, she has participated as a professor in a Bilingual Education program, teaching public school teachers how to utilize basic anthropological concepts and methods in their classrooms. The focus on applied work has brought her to explore the area of Legal Anthropology because of her applied work with VAWA (Violence against Women Act) and Human Trafficking programs. In addition, Alicia Re Cruz has adventured in numerous interdisciplinary arenas; the most current one focuses on a cross-Atlantic conversation on inter-cultural education and the repercussions of migration in education policies in both, Europe and the US.


1996 Doctorado Ph.D. under the Spanish University System, Anthropology

1992 Ph.D. State University of New York at Albany, Department of Anthropology

1987 M.A. State University of New York at Albany, Department of Anthropology

1985 B.A. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. School of History and Geography, Department of American Ethnology and Anthropology

Selected Consulting Projects

Project: Immigration Resource Council for Conflict Resolution
Client: North Texas community
Date: 2001-2002

Project: Dialogue Among Borders
Client: UNT (University of North Texas) and UQROO (The University of Quintana Roo)
Date: 1999-2001

Project: Introduction of new planting techniques among Yucatec Mayas in order to obtain more productive harvests.
Client: Chan Kom, a Maya Yucatec community
Date: 1989-90

Selected Publications

Under Review Re Cruz, A. "Why do they talk about Spirits": Anthropological Interventions in Classroom Settings with Latino Immigrant Students. Anthropology in Action.
Re Cruz, A. (2013) A Conversation Across Rural, Urban and National Borders: a Comparison Between Maya Migration to Cancun and Mexican Migration to Texas. In Aboriginal/ Indigenous Peoples in Urban Centers: Tracing Mobility in a Post Nafta World. DIALOG (special issue) (Aboriginal People Research and Knowledge Network) (
Re Cruz, A. (2012) El Negro y el Café son Colores Feos. In Racismo y Educacion. De la Invisibilidad a la evidencia. Hernandez, C. (ed.) Madrid: Complutense Publisher. ISBN: 978-84-9938-114-5
Re Cruz, A. (2010) De Responsabilidades, Compromisos y otras Reflexiones que llevan a la Antropología Aplicada. InDilemas Eticos en Antropologia. Las Entretelas del Trabajo de Campo Etnográfico. Margarita del Olmo (ed). Ed. Trotta, Madrid.
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Re Cruz, A. (2008) Producer, The Mayan Dreams of Chan Kom. Tourism, Migration and Changing Identities in the Yucatán. Running time, 28 minutes. In collaboration with Melinda Levin. Distributed by University of Illinois Press with double issue in Journal of Film and Video. Volume 60, No. 2 & 3.
Levin, M. and A. Re Cruz (guest editors) (2008) Behind the Scenes of An Ethnographic Documentary: Dialogue Between Anthropology and Film. Journal of Film and Video. Volume 60, No. 2 & 3.
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Re Cruz, A. (1996) The Two Milpas of Chan Kom: Scenarios of a Maya Village Life. Albany: SUNY Press.

Selected Presentations, International Courses and Seminars

2013 "Etica y Poder en la Intervención Antropológica", paper presented at III Congreso Internacional de Etnografía y Educación-CSIC (National Council for Scientific Research), Madrid 07-05
2013 "Antropología Aplicada y Cómo Pensar en Teoría." MA program in Applied Anthropology. University of Quintana Roo (UQROO), Chetumal, México (January 27 - February 1).
2012 "Applied Anthropology: Beyond Cultural Understanding" Postgraduate course at the CSIC (National Council for Scientific Research), Madrid, Spain. July 23 - 27.
2012 "Faith and Consumption: Feel-good Products, the Maya and the Growth of Corporations". Paper presented at the International Congress of Americanists, Viena, July 20.
2012 "De la Division entre Teoría y Práctica y Otros Mitos de la Atropologia Aplicada" Seminar at the CSIC (National Council for Scientific Research ), Madrid, Spain. January 27th, 2011.
2012 "Anthropological Tools to Deal with Borders and Classrooms". Paper presented at the session titled Crossing Borders in Intercultural Education: From Theory to Practice. American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, November 13.
2011 "Teaching Innovations for Our Global Citizens" Re Cruz, Alicia Levin, M., and Arikatti, S. Paper presented at the Session: Creating New Pedagogies for a New Century. Society for Applied Anthropology Meetings. Seattle, April 2nd.
2009 "Migrant Experiences in Maya Ecotourism Community Projects". Paper presented at the organized session "Community Based Tourism among Yucatec Maya Communities". Society for Applied Anthropology. Santa Fe, NM. March 17-21.
2008 "Tourism Border Zones". Paper presented as part of the Invited Session: "Engagement, Anthenticity and Tourism: Gender, Sexuality, Ethnicity/Race and Space in the Americas". American Anthropological Association. San Francisco, November 22, 2008.
2008 "Turismo Solidario y de Comunidad". Paper presented as part of the session: "Anthropologists, Tourism, and Development in Yucatán: Constructing New Collaborative Roles and Relationships in the Public Sphere". Society for Applied Anthropology, Memphis, TN. March 24-29.