Courtney Cecale | Department of Anthropology

Courtney Cecale

Assistant Professor

Courtney Cecale is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of North Texas. As an Environmental Anthropologist, her research interests include climate change, the cultural production of nature, environmental determinants of health, and the cultural politics of expertise in environmental management. Her most recent research project revealed climate change adaptation in Peru to be a site and source for the (re)production of global vectors of power, made possible through cultural, political, and economic fields. Her regional specializations are primarily Latin America and California, and she more broadly engages with the fields of Science and Technology Studies, Geography, Environmental Philosophy, and Critical Development.


2020, Ph.D Anthropology (Environmental), University of California (Los Angeles)
2014, M.A. Anthropology (Psychological & Medical), University of California (Los Angeles)
2010, M.A. Social Sciences, University of Chicago
2008, B.A. Anthropology, University of California (Los Angeles)
2006, A.A. Anthropology, Saddleback Community College
2005, Certification in Peace & Conflict Studies, Queens University (Belfast, Ireland)

Selected Consulting Projects

National Park Service
Luskin Center for Innovation
Center for the Study of Women at UCLA
Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies

Selected Courses Offered

Anthropology & the Environment
The Cultural Production of Nature
Ethnographies of Science & Technology
Economic Anthropology (special focus on anarchist studies, cultures of debt, histories of global capitalism, and racial capitalism)
Visual Anthropology (special focus on documentary photography and ethics)
Medical & Psychological Anthropology (special focus on environmental determinants of health, inequalities, and health disparities)

Visual Productions

Back to the Futures: A Conference on Anthropology and Time, "A Sensorium of High Alpine Work" video installation

2018, Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies partnership with Los Angeles Public Television Broadcasting (KCET), ethnographic photo essay and photography for accompanying articles

2018, American Anthropological Association Conference, photo exhibit & award winner

2017, National Geographic, interview and photography

2017, Climate Reality with Al Gore, interview and photography

2017, DAYS-LA Artist Speaker Series: "Fieldwork Research as an Activist Practice", visual presentation

Selected Publications

2020, Cecale, Courtney. Review: Women's Place in the Andes, by Florence Babb. Anthropology of Work Review (forthcoming)

2020, Cecale, Courtney. "Moral Modes of Attention: From Addict to Ultramarathon Runner." Ethos. (forthcoming, won the 2018 Condon Prize for best student paper from the Society for Psychological Anthropology)

2019, Cecale, Courtney. "'Are You A Waste-A-Roo?': Kid Cops, Water Education, and Individual Responsibility in Porous Los Angeles Households." Gender and Everyday Water Use in Los Angeles Working Paper Series, no. 2, UCLA Center for the Study of Women, Los Angeles, CA.

2017, Mark Carey, Rodney Garrard, Courtney Cecale, Wouter Buytaert, Christian Huggel and Mathias Vuille. "Climbing for Science and Ice: From Hans Kinzl and Mountaineering-Glaciology to Citizen Science in the Cordillera Blanca." Revista de Glaciares y Ecosistemas de MontaƱa, INAIGEM. January 2017. (English and Spanish)

Selected Presentations

2019, "Scientific Saviorism and the Work of Knowledge Production in the high Andes of Peru," American Anthropological Association Conference, presenter

2019, "Fortifying the Future, Building Durable Institutions to Survive Climate Futures in the Peruvian Andes," American Anthropological Association Conference, Climate Change Workshop (hosted by the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology), paper

2018, "The Ethics of Team Research in Extreme Environments," Boundary Spanning Symposium by The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) & the National Science Foundation (NSF), presenter

2018, "Climate Adaptation Strategies in the Peruvian Andes," Social Sciences Centennial Campaign, Research Strategies Workshop, presenter

2018, "The (Invisible) Work of Environmental Knowledge Production," American Anthropological Association Conference, Anthropology of Labor Workshop, hosted by Cultural Anthropology, paper

2018, "Apu Death" Taller Nuestro Norte, Latin American Studies Working Group, invited speaker

2018, "An Experience-Near Examination of High Alpine Service Work," Mind, Medicine & Culture (UCLA-UCSD Graduate Student Conference), invited speaker

2017, "Working for Adaptation at 18,000 feet" American Anthropological Association Conference, presenter

2017, "Citizen Science and the Displacement of Environmental Work in Climate Change Adaptation Strategies," Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) Conference, presenter

2016, "The (Anti-)Politics of Climate Change Adaptation" Anthropology in Transit Conference (UCI), presenter

2015, "Melting Glaciers and Atmospheric Politics," American Anthropological Association Conference, presenter

2015, "The Politics of Timekeeping: Melting Glaciers in the Peruvian Andes," Anthropology in Transit Conference (UCI), presenter

2015, "Nature and Healing: Former Heroin Addicts, Running to be high and running for Redemption," Conference of the Canadian Anthropology Society Conference (CASCA), presenter

2015, "Ethical States of Attention" Society for Psychological Anthropology (SPA) Conference, presenter

2015, "Ethical Highs: Nature and the Cultural Politics of Rehabilitating Heroin Addicts," American Ethnological Society (AES) Conference, presenter

2015, "Moral Modes of Attention: From Addict to Ultra Runner," University of Ottawa Invited Colloquium on Sports in Social Science, invited speaker

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