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Managing Your Degree

How to Declare a Major

The first step in declaring your major in anthropology is to talk our undergraduate faculty advisor, Professor Melissa Nelson. Professor Nelson will discuss with you class choices, anthropology sub-fields and tracks, and career options. In addition to answering your questions and directing you to campus resources, she can also recommend other faculty mentors who share your research interests.

Upon your initial meeting with Professor Nelson, she will assist you in filling your degree plan (D.A.R.F.) with the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and officially declaring you an Anthropology Major.

You should arrange to meet with Professor Nelson at least each semester to discuss your academic progress.

Foreign Language Requirement

Two semesters of a foreign language are required for the anthropology major at the advanced level (2040, 2050). If you have never had foreign language instruction, this realistically will end up being 2 years of language instruction because you will have to take the introductory level courses in order to reach the required advanced level classes (1010, 1020, 2040, 2050). However, if you have had prior foreign language instruction you may be able to either place directly into an advanced level class, or test out of one or both advanced level courses (2040, 2050). Placement tests are offered regularly by the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. For more information, see the "Placement Testing" section at

How to File a Degree Plan

The College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Office of Student Advising provides ongoing support for undergraduate students as they move from freshman to senior status. Advisors assist students through support activities such as degree planning, academic advisement and referral to campus resources designed to promote student success.

Office: GAB 220 Phone: (940) 565-2051

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