A/V Equipment Reservation | Department of Anthropology

A/V Equipment Reservation

How to Borrow A/V Equipment from the Department

1. Which Students Can Borrow Which Items?

Only students enrolled in certain anthropology classes have permission to borrow A/V equipment. For spring 2013, students in the following classes can check out the following items:

ANTH 4701.018 Anthropology of Virtual Communication

  • Digital video recorders

Graduate students must be enrolled in a class to check out A/V equipment. If they need equipment, they must ask their advisor if she or he would be willing to check it out for them.

2. Reserve the Equipment for the Days You Need it by Signing Up on the Calendar

Please call the anthropology department front desk to reserve the equipment: 940-565-2290.

You may not borrow equipment for more than three nights, because other students need to use it too. Weekends don't count.

You will need your EUID and password to make entries or to change them.

Note: these videocameras do NOT have mic jacks: Strauss, Merrill, Evans-Pritchard.

3. Check Out the Equipment

The a/v equipment is available at the front desk of the anthropology department, Chilton 330, between the hours of 9-4:30 M-F. You can call the front desk at 565-2290. If no one is at the front desk, you can check with the administrative assistant, Melissa Tanner, in 330L, or with Shannon Selby in 308 C.

The person at the front desk will check the calendar to make sure you have signed up for the a/v equipment. Then they will ask you to fill out a form, and show your valid UNT ID.

The borrower should check that all included items are with your equipment. Please check carefully as you are held financially responsible for ALL items.

4. Return the Equipment

You return the equipment to the anthropology front desk as well. The person there will check to make sure you are returning everything and ask you to sign the form.

If you do not bring back the AV equipment on time, you may no longer check out equipment with the Anthropology Department.

*If you need to download the software package or review the Instruction Manual, you can do that at the Olympus website.

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