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Forms for Current Students

Thesis Manual

The Dissertation and Thesis Manual provides definitive and required information on writing your thesis.

Degree Plan

  • Please use the sample degree plan form for a reference.
  • This form is required by the Toulouse Graduate School.
  • Students must fill out this form during the 2nd semester in the program (after completion of 9 hours if part-time).
  • The Degree Plan must be signed by student's committee chair and given to the anthropology graduate coordinator, who will submit it to the Toulouse Graduate School. It must include all courses the student intends to take in fulfillment of the degree requirements.
  • Degree plan should also include an explanation of how an MA student is fulfilling the language requirement or how an MS student is fulfilling the extra skill requirement.
  • The student's committee chair must approve all coursework.
  • Undergraduate courses may not be used.
  • In the "completed" section, fill in only those classes that have already been completed or will be completed during the semester the degree plan is filed.
  • If a student has not decided on specific electives, leave the space blank and submit the degree plan as complete as possible.
  • At the time a decision has been made on specific electives, the student will need to submit a Degree Plan Change Form to add the electives.

Degree Plan Change Form

  • This form is required for any changes to your degree plan once it has been submitted.
  • This form must be signed by your major professor and the graduate coordinator.
  • The graduate coordinator will submit the form to the Toulouse Graduate School.

M.A./M.S. Committee Form

  • This form is required by the department.
  • Students should choose their major professor (chair of committee) by the end of the first semester (after completion of 9 hours if part-time) and turn in this form to the graduate coordinator.
  • Students should choose their 2nd committee member by the end of the 2nd semester (after completion of 18 hours if part-time).
  • Students should choose their 3rd committee member (who must be outside of the department) once they have decided on an Applied Thesis project.
  • All updates to this form should be given to the graduate coordinator.
  • Remember: You need to ask a faculty member to be on your committee before updating this form.

Poster Printing Request Form

  • Students may request that their posters be printed for conferences or the Applied Anthropology Expo.

Use of Human Subjects in Research (IRB)

Applied Thesis Agreement

  • This form is required by the department.
  • This form should be filled out during the face-to-face meeting with the student, faculty advisor, and site sponsor.
  • This form is placed in the student's file with the project proposal.

In-Progress Applied Thesis Evaluation

  • Students give this form to their site sponsor halfway through the project. The site sponsor should fill it out and give it to the faculty advisor and student.

Final Applied Thesis Evaluation

  • Students give this form to their site sponsor at the end of the project. The site sponsor should fill it out and give it to the faculty advisor and student.

Domestic Consortium Agreement

  • Students who want to take a course at another university, as an elective, can still be eligible for financial aid through UNT (you must be registered for 6 hours for financial aid purposes). Please fill out the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFAS) Domestic Consortium Agreement to be eligible to take classes required for your UNT Degree, not offered at UNT.

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