List of Completed Projects | Department of Anthropology

List of Completed Projects

Keith Kellersohn
Client: XXXX County Public School System
Graduation: August 2015

Mariel Sintora Romero
A Critical Medical Anthropology Approach to Advocating for Social Justice and Policy Change in Pesticide Use and Practice to Reduce Health Risks Among Hispanic/Latinos in Central California
Client: Californians for Pesticide Reform
Graduation: August 2015

Mireilly Rosado-Bonilla
Everyday Performances in U.S. Household Kitchens
Client: Fortune 500 Company
Graduation: August 2015

Ian Watt
Client: Children's Medical Center
Graduation: August 2015

Asha Green
Particpant Perspectives: Investigating the Experience of Low Income Schizophrenics in Clinical Research Trials
Client: InSite Clinical Research
Graduation: May 2015

Brett Lang
The Intervention of Human Modifications on Plant and Tree Species in the Landscape of the LBJ National Grasslands
Client: AJC Environmental, LLC
Graduation: May 2015

Molly Shade
Client: Ad Hoc Labs, Inc., and Annette Antonovic, a Principal Researcher at Cognito, Inc.
Graduation: May 2015

Elizabeth Sidler
Ideal Learning Spaces: The Student Perspective
Client: Oklahoma Baptist University
Graduation: May 2015

Sarah Jay
Vickery Meadow Community Needs Assessment
Client: Trans.lation Vickery Meadow
Graduation: December 2014

Lisa Quirk
Caring for cancer: understanding the access and perceptions of psychosocial cancer services in North Texas
Client: The Cancer Support Network of North Texas
Graduation: December 2014

Kirsten Kubala Cleveland
Assessing Social Media Utilization to Enhance Awareness and Funding of Native American Youth Empowerment Programs
Client: Association on American Indian Affairs
Graduation: August 2014

Joseph R. Otterbine
Client: Jain Society of North Texas
Graduation: May 2014

Joshua B. Liggett
Client: Center for Advanced Research and Technology
Graduation: May 2014

Pamela Ann McLendon
Client: Foundation for African Medicine and Education (FAME)
Graduation: May 2014

Shane D. Pahl
Client: ABCO HVACR Supply + Solutions
Graduation: May 2014

Victoria Mae Schlieder
Client: Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc
Graduation: May 2014

Brittany Donnelly Borges
The Kayapó Project: An Assessment of a Kayapó NGO's Stakeholder Relationships
Client: The Kayapó Project
Graduation: December 2013

Jeff Davidson
Ephemeral communication and the networked self: Using ethnographic insights to inform design thinking about the communication habits of college students and other young adults
Client: Microsoft
Graduation: December 2013

Allison King
Living History in the Classroom: An Assessment of an Alternative Teaching Program
Client: George Ranch Historical Park
Graduation: December 2013

Shadh Molla
Montgomery Parks Community Gardens Program
Client: Montgomery Parks Community Gardens
Graduation: December 2013

Jessica Laureano Phillips
Grace After Fire: An Analysis of Table Talk. Color Me Camo - Realities of Female Veterans
Client: Grace After Fire
Graduation: December 2013

Disha Vora
Emerging EdTech and Accessibility
Client: Benetech
Graduation: December 2013

Cathy White
The Impact of Social Networks on Sacramento Community Based Coalition Participant Success
Graduation: December 2013

Steve Wilson
In-store Event Needs and Technology Use Among Half-Price Books Customers
Client: Half-Price Books
Graduation: December 2013

Stephen Carlson
Climate Change on Southern Appalachian Orchards: Perceptions, Practices, and Apple Diversity
Client: Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Graduation: May 2013

Megan Gorby
'Medicine is not Medicine:' Addressing Community Health through a Food Security Initiative
Client: Ustlahn Social Society
Graduation: May 2013

Ivonne Solano
Pathway to College of Latina Students in the City of Denton
Client: Hispanic Women's Network of Texas
Graduation: May 2013

Sarah Cardenas
Understanding Healthcare Priorities among International Missionaries in Papua New Guinea
Client: Summer Institute of Linguistics
Graduation: May 2013

Joel Alexander
Deconstructing Development: Exploring Mayanist Effects Embedded in a Global Drive to Build a Highway Across Rural Rainforest Villages in Far South Belize Client: Belizean Ecological Growers Association
Graduation: May 2013

Martin Hadis
Blood, Toil and Tears: User Interaction and Information Ecologies at a Clinical Laboratory in Buenos Aires
Client: Laboratorio Hidalgo
Graduation: May 2013

Keahnan Washington
Life After Incarceration: An Ethnographic Analysis of the TEACH Outside Reentry Model
Client: Institute for Community Justice
Graduation: December 2012

Carrie Perkins
Healthy Lives: Promoting Dietary Wellness for Burmese Refugees in Dallas
Client: Catholic Charities of Dallas, Inc.
Graduation: December 2012

Tania DoCarmo
Care and Control: NGO Attitudes Toward Community-Based Models of Care for Survivors of Human Trafficking in Cambodia
Client: Chab Dai
Graduation: December 2012

Andrea Tuckness
Anthropology and Homeschooling: Evaluation of a Community Homeschool Enrichment Program for Students
Client: Red River Enrichment Classes
Graduation: December 2012

Arvind Singh
A Silent Cry: Visualizing Data on Sex Trafficking
Client: Opening Doors International Services
Graduation: December 2012

Joella Morris
Exploration of Male Attitudes and Beliefs Toward the Female Condom in HIV/AIDS and STD Prevention
Client: Institute for Community Research
Graduation: August 2012

Herman Abuchowski
Assessment of a Potential Partnership Program to Aid Returning Veterans
Client: Groundwork Dallas
Graduation: August 2012

Geoff Garbina
Laying the Groundwork for Success: The Green Team Initiative
Client: Groundwork Dallas
Graduation: August 2012

Nancy Gillis
Understanding the Experiences of Mobile Pantry Clients in Tarrant County
Client: Tarrant Area Food Bank
Graduation: August 2012

Cindy Romero
Growing a Sustainable Life
Client: The Healthy Harvest Partnership Community Garden Project
Graduation: August 2012

Michelle Loose
Determining Environmental Values - Christianity's Influence on Value Orientation in Western PA Coal Country
Client: St. Francis University's Community Wind Project
Graduation: May 2012

Yumiko Akimoto
Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in Mexico: A Community Health Needs Assessment
Client: Transformación Urbana Internacional A.C.
Graduation: May 2012

Brendan Blowers
Pimp my USB
Client: Mission Aviation Fellowship
Graduation: May 2012

Kim Menier
Electronic Health Records: User Perception in Southwestern Virginia
Client: Virginia Bioinformatics Institute of Virginia Tech
Graduation: May 2012

Shino Endo
Participation of Internally Displaced Persons in Public Politics: A Needs Assessment of Existing Institutional Operation for IDP in Meta, Colombia
Client: Corporación Opción Colombia
Graduation: May 2012

Matt Lamb
Selling Local: Developing small business strategies through user experience research
Client: The Hub Sports Bar & Grill
Graduation: December 2011

Mary Kares
Making Connections, Maintaining Connections: Disseminating Information Regarding Medicaid Eligibility to Underserved Populations
Client: Cook Children's Health Care Plan
Graduation: December 2011

Roxanne Muiruri
A Feasibility Study for an Intervention on Elder Abuse in Tanzania
Client: PeerCorps
Graduation: May 2011

Waldo Mikels-Carrasco
Measuring the REACH of Policy Change: Evaluating a Latino community-based intervention to improve access to maternal healthcare for Latinas in Lake County, Indiana
Client: Health Visions Midwest, Inc. & the REACH U.S./Alcance Coalition
Graduation: May 2011

Christen Condry
Empowerment Through Nutrition: Examining Influences and Obstacles of Healthy Eating with Developmentally Disabled Adults
Client: California Mentor
Graduation: May 2011

David Franco
I AM WE: An Ethnographic Assessment
Client: Tim Sanchez, sponsor of the PALS program, Denton H.S.
Graduation: May 2011

Jocelyn Huelsman
Western Goods Consumer Assessment
Client: BrandEra Marketing
Graduation: May 2011

Matt Baline
Exploring Mobile Phone Use Among Cisco Technical Support Partners
Client: Bill Skeet, Manager User-Centered Design, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Graduation: May 2011

Jose Méndez-Andino
Talent Development Systems at PractiCorp: Developing Executive Assistants
Client: Fortune 500 Company
Graduation: December 2010

Judy Binda
Integrating Traditional Medicine & Healers Into Western Clinics
Client: North Shore Tribal Council Health Centre
Graduation: December 2010

Rabah Omer
Sudanese Youth Mobilization for Peace
Client: Sudanese Call Development Organization
Graduation: August 2010

Elizabeth Balyakina
Making the Arts Easy to Reach
Client: Arc of Greater Tarrant County
Graduation: August 2010

Kathryn Cox
The Impact of Culture on Design and Design on Culture
Client: JDW Insurance Company
Graduation: August 2010

Diana Martin
An Exploration of the Fedora Project's Online Open Source Development Community
Client: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Graduation: August 2010

Caitlin Conklin
Service Dogs for People with Autism
Client: Collies for Mobility and Support
Graduation: August 2010

Kyle West
Assessing Quality of Life Issues of Veterans with Ankylosing Spondilitis
Client: Dallas VA
Graduation: August 2010

Samantha Collie
A Needs Assessment of Photographer + Art Students
Graduation: August 2010

Richard Holden
The Dallas Sustainable Community Initiative: Blueprint for Success in West Dallas
Client: City of Dallas, Office of Environmental Quality
Graduation: May 2010

Christine Webster-Koloms
Perceptions of Beauty among Black, Latina, and White Girls
Client: Fit Kids
Graduation: December 2009

Wendy Key
An Assessment of the Attitudes, Values and Belief Systems of the UNT Community in Regards to Their Participation Levels in the "Green Initiative"
Client: UNT Office of Sustainability
Graduation: August 2009

Brianne Moore
Connecting People, Profit, and the Planet: Challenges to "Going Green" in Texas Organizations
Client: Texas Campaign for the Environment
Graduation: August 2009

Jordan Walker-Summer
Exonerated in Dallas County: A Needs Assessment for the Innocence Project of Texas
Client: Innocence Project of Texas
Graduation: August 2009

Margo Teague
Exploring the Range of Recycling Opportunities in Elko, NV
Client: City of Elko, Nevada
Graduation: August 2009

Lynne Russell
Exploratory Research among Brides: Planning and Decision-Making in the Context of Cakes and Honeymoon Travel
Client: TJs Cake Design & Destination Anywhere Travel
Graduation: August 2009

Kate Tunison Benoit
College Preparation among Seniors at Lincolnton High School
Client: Lincolnton H.S.
Graduation: August 2009

Dedric Taylor
What Would We Want An Ethnobotany Exhibit To Do? Developing a Plan for the B.R.I.T"
Client: Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Graduation: August 2009

Jennifer Cardew Kersey
Translating Virtual Ethnography from Academia into Market Research: A Framework
Client: Intrepid Consultants
Graduation: August 2009

Satoshi Yamaki
Refugee Extended Support Systems: A Needs Assessment for Catholic Charities of Dallas, Refugee and Empowerment Services
Client: Catholic Charities of Dallas
Graduation: May 2009

Danyel Rios
The Cost of Surviving: A Needs Assessment of Survivors of Torture and Service Providers
Client: Center for Survivors of Torture
Graduation: May 2009

Robert Packwood
An Analysis of Diversity in King County
Client: King County Library System
Graduation: May 2009

Shimaa Dessouky
Needs Assessment of Survivors of Torture and Service Providers in Texas
Client: Center for Survivors of Torture
Graduation: December 2008

Bryan Shaw
Community-Based Health Needs Assessment: Mannan Tribal Community in Kozhimala Village, Kerala State, India
Client: Year Out India
Graduation: December 2008

Lauri Lillie
Empowering Families: Assessing Impacts of Homeownership for Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity
Client: Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity
Graduation: December 2008

Kelsey Grubbs
Experiences and Perceptions of San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer Fans
Client: San Jose Earthquakes
Graduation: December 2008

Cory Timmons
Sisterhood for Change Pilot Project Evaluation
Client: Kisumu Medical & Education Trust (K-MET)
Graduation: December 2008

Whitney Williams
A Program Evaluation of Scholastic's Read 180 Program at McKinney North High School
Client: McKinney North High School
Graduation: December 2008

Lauren Travis
Growing Native: Assessing Denton Homeowner Knowledge and Attitudes toward the Use of Native Plants
Client: Keep Denton Beautiful
Graduation: May 2008

Emily Goodfellow
How do VA Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients View Their Quality of Life?
Client: Dallas VA Medical Center
Graduation: May 2008

Josh Lively
Recruiting Ethnic Minority Students at a North Texas Community College
Client: North Central Texas College (NCTC)
Graduation: May 2008

Megan Bannon
Maximizing the Online Anthropology Tool with Rapp Collins: A 360º Review
Client: Rapp Collins Worldwide
Graduation: December 2007

Pedrameh Manoochehri
Creative Solutions: An Evaluation
Client: Big Thought and Creative Solutions Program
Graduation: December 2007

Brian Canny
Technology Training in Denton: An Evaluation of Computer Training Classes in Denton, Texas
Client: Denton Community Library and Denton Public Library
Graduation: December 2007

John Garland
Education Levels and Perceptions Among African American Homeless Males
Client: City of Dallas: Environmental and Health Services
Graduation: December 2007

Mohammadali Zolfagharian
Challenges Facing the Franchise Community
Client: David Omholt: The Entrepreneur Authority
Graduation: December 2007

Rocky D. Crocker
An Organizational Study of a Growing Business
Client: Superior Trailer Sales Company
Graduation: August 2007

Andrea Robledo
Latinos/as in Leadership: Participatory Action Research with Latino/a Organizations at the University of North Texas
Client: Multicultural Center at the University of North Texas
Graduation: August 2007

Bryan Sisson
Ethnography on Suicide Prevention: An Informative Assessment of the Peers Helping Peers Program
Graduation: August 2007

Roxanna Manoochehri
Justice for All? A South Dallas Community's Perceptions of the Legal System
Client: Central Dallas Ministries, Legal Action Works program
Graduation: May 2007

Jara Carrington

Client: Human Rights Initiative of North Texas
Graduation: May 2007

Steven D. Gomez
Implementing Best Practices: Program Evaluation and Program Development for an American Indian Gestational Diabetes Program
Client: Diabetes Care Center, Chickasaw Nation Health System, Ada, Oklahoma
Graduation: May 2007

Nicole A. Matheny
Traditional Healing and Biomedicine among Latinos in Denton, Texas: Beliefs, Practices, and Barriers
Client: Denton County Health Department
Graduation: May 2007

Andrea McCoy
A Trend Analysis of Notebook Computer Use by College Students
Client: Dell, Inc.
Graduation: May 2007

Kelly Moran
Designing Products and Work Practices with Pitney Bowes: Marketing Services for Small-Spend Advertisers
Client: Pitney Bowes
Graduation: May 2007

Michael Neil Mansfield
Nature Evaluation in the Big Thicket
Client: Big Thicket Association
Graduation: May 2007

David Howard
Better Understanding Ourselves and Our Clients - A Community Needs Assessment for a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Community Based Organization
Client: The Resource Center of Dallas, Gay & Lesbian Community Center
Graduation: May 2007

Yvette Justice
A Cultural Evaluation of the Players in the Dallas Metroplex: Project Usability Study for Dungeons and Dragons
Client: Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.
Graduation: May 2007

Tracy Tessmann
Cultural Adaptation of the Spanish Translation of Parkland's Pocket Guide to HIV Care: Assessment of Use by Texas-Mexico Border Physicians
Client: AIDS Education and Training Centers
Graduation: December 2006

Emily Graves
Intimacy, Alcohol, and Stigma: HIV Prevention Barriers and Needs Among Men Who Have Sex with Men
Client: Denton County Health Department
Graduation: August 2006

Melanie White
Facilitated Learning in a Science Museum: The Impact of the Meadows Educators at the Science Place
Client: The Science Place - Dallas, Texas
Graduation: August 2006

Naomi Meier
Bottle or Breast: An Anthropological Investigation of the Infant Feeding Decisions Made by Prenatal and Postpartum Clients at the Denton, TX WIC Clinic
Client: Denton County WIC Program
Graduation: August 2006

Gene Luster
Mission and Vision: Members' perceptions of the Denton Chamber of Commerce
Client: Denton Chamber of Commerce
Graduation: August 2006

Rodney Bales
A Cost/Benefit Analysis of Wrap-around Services for Children Experiencing a Serious Emotional Disturbance Diagnosis
Client: The City of Fort Worth Public Health Department
Graduation: August 2006

Michael Foitek
Evaluation of the City of Denton's Mosquito Control Campaign
Client: The City of Denton Information Office
Graduation: May 2006

Ethan McGaffey
Feeding the Family: Prices Paid for Subsistence Salmon near the Upper Copper River, Alaska
Client: Partners in Fisheries, Alaska Fish and Game
Graduation: May 2006

Kiera Thaden
Didactic vs. Constructivist: An Analysis of Two Label-Types at the Gyro Chair Exhibit
Client: The Science Place
Graduation: December 2005

Liya Aklilu
Assessing the Activities Resource Center: An Evaluation for the International Rescue Committee
Client: International Rescue Committee
Graduation: August 2005

Pamela O. Brown
Creating a Sex Education Program for Somali Bantu Women
Client: Refugee organization in the North Texas area
Graduation: May 2005

Violet Sparks
Homelessness in Denton County: Needs Assessment and Homeless Management Information Systems
Client: City of Denton
Graduation: December 2004

Stephen Brown
Community Integration and Resource Development: Landmine Removal Fundraising
Client: Dallas Peace Center
Graduation: December 2004

Jason Swartwood
Bajito Onda: A Grassroots Movement for Peace as an Alternative to Violence
Client: Bajito Onda
Graduation: December 2004

Sandra Tyson
Access to Health Care for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: A Participatory Action Research Project
Client: Texas Association of the Deaf
Graduation: December 2004

Sarah Barraza
Migrant Education: Giving Hispanic Students a Voice
Client: Denton Independent School District
Graduation: December 2003

Diane Naylor
Somali Bantu in Dallas, Texas: Health Practices and Resettlement Issues
Clients: Parkland Hospital Outreach Clinic
Graduation: December 2003

Albert Schott
Evaluation of Dallas Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center
Client: Salvation Army
Graduation: December 2002

Pei-fang Chuang
Website User Research
Client: UNT Anthropology Department and UNT Multimedia Development Lab
Graduation: August 2002

Anduamlak Meharie
Evaluation of the NSF/UNT Summer Research Methods Project
Client: UNT and the National Science Foundation
Graduation: May 2002

For more detailed information on the applied thesis, see our Graduate Student Handbook (.pdf).

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