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Alumni Career Stories

We are proud of all of our alumni. While some go on to a PhD program in anthropology or another discipline, the majority of our graduate alumni become practitioners of anthropology. Here are a few examples of the types of jobs and careers our alumni are currently working in.

Isabelle Clérié - 2017
Isabelle works in her native Haiti where she is a development consultant working to bring anthropological methodologies and considerations to the development sector in a way that prioritizes community led decision making. Currently, she is working with a business development firm to conduct impact assessments along agricultural value chains; she is also working with the UN's human rights unit to explore the long term effects of impunity in the country. Since completing her anthropology degree, Isabelle has been building the Haiti Impact Group, a think tank that aims to claim local narratives.

Steven Garcia - 2017
Steven is director of the cultural anthropology practice at Team One, a full-service marketing communications agency located in Los Angeles. He condcuts cultural analysis, semiotics, ethnographic and other qualitative research methods to help craft and inspire culturally-relevant communication stategies and advertising.

Priscilla Villa - 2016
Priscilla is the South Texas Organizer at Earthworks. She works with Texas communities and allies to help support their efforts in improving environmental conditions from the oil and gas industry.

Ashley Sauer - 2016
Ashley is a Manager at Southern California Edison where she leads a team of analysts who provide analytical and reporting support to residential energy efficiency programs. Additionally, Ashely has recently accepted a volunteer role at SCE to lead a team of individual contributor employees dedicated to studying the culture of our workplace, and developing/implementing work environment and morale improvement projects. She also volunteers as a Senior Anthropologist with a consulting firm, Indicia Consulting, currently supporting a project exploring how people use technology in their everyday lives and how that information could be used to influence energy consumption behaviors.

Jessica MacKinnon - 2015
Jessica is a Research and Geospatial Analyst at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. Among other things, Jessica is responsible for research and mapping to support company operations, providing information to support advocacy efforts, and tracking change in area neighborhoods to support neighborhood revitalization efforts.

Joshua Liggett - 2014
Joshua is an evaluator (Title: Research Specialist) with Uplift Family Services (formerly EMQ FamiliesFirst). Joshua is currently leading his department into a newly integrated consumer outcomes dashboarding process. He is also working with Uplift Family Services to reignite an in-house IRB to facilitate more qualitative research.

Disha Vora - 2013
Disha is employed by Indicia Consulting as a Senior Anthropologist. Her most recent project is "Cybernetic fieldwork across California", funded by California Energy Commission.

Nancy Gillis - 2012
Nancy is a research scientist at UNT conducting a needs assessment for the North Texas Food Bank Hunger Center in Dallas. Her research will help the Hunger Center better serve their clients and develop strategies that prevent food insecurity and poverty.

Geoff Garbina - 2012
Geoff is a User Experience Researcher with Tonic3, a digital design agency.

Jocelyn Huelsman - 2011
Jocelyn is a Senior Research Analyst for Precision Dialogue Marketing's Research & Customer Experience team. Jocelyn primarily focuses on usability research utilizing eye tracking, in-depth interviews, and heuristic evaluation. Her other tasks include managing clients, creating quantitative research methods (surveys, card sorting, etc.), and providing design recommendations. At the end of the day, the Research & Customer Experience team's main goal is to make websites, smartphone applications, and other technology easier and more pleasurable to use.

Angela Ramer - 2010
Angela is currently employed at an international architecture and design firm, HKS, in downtown Dallas where she works as a design anthropologist, conducting research to inform client-specific design solutions. She works with both external and internal clients doing billable, project work for other companies along with organizational development efforts for her own firm.

Megan Bannon - 2007
Megan is head of Cultura, Rapp Collins' new cultural anthropology and research group. She recently ranked 6th in DMNews "30 under 30: The young and the restless in DM " for refining a research methodology called Digital Anthropology, which qualitatively and quantitatively analyzes and organizes online consumer-generated content to inform client strategyin finding meaningful data from the conversations consumers are having online.

Pamela O. Brown - 2005
Pamela is owner of Saida Way, LLC, a consulting firm that expands the capacity of activists and community-based organizations. She also is a writer and filmmaker. "The experience from the applied anthropology program has given me a great foundation to help transform the communities that I care about."

Stephen Brown - 2004
Stephen works for UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and conducts community-based behavioral research related to HIV/STD's.

Nicole Matheny - 2007
Nicole is working in San Francisco as a Human Resource Consultant and Analyst for Mercer, specializing in employee research.

Sandra Tyson - 2004
Sandra is the Program Manager for the Center for Biosecurity and Public Health Preparedness & PhD student public health at the University of Texas, Austin.

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