Application Deadlines

The Department of Anthropology only has fall admissions:

  • Early Admission and Scholarship Deadline for Fall 2016: February 1
    To be considered for scholarships and/or early admission, all application materials must be submitted by this deadline. If the entire application is not received by this deadline, your application will be considered with the late admission applicants.
  • Late Admission Deadline for Fall 2016: April 13
    We strongly encourage you to apply by the early deadline, especially if you are applying to the online program.

Two Applications

In order to be accepted into the UNT Master’s Program in Applied Anthropology, applicants must submit two separate applications. This page provides an overview; for more detail, see our step-by-step Application Checklist.

1. Application to the Toulouse Graduate School

Applicants must apply to and be accepted by UNT's Toulouse Graduate School. Applicants typically have a 3.0 GPA or higher on the last 60 undergraduate semester hours from their bachelor’s degree, or at least a 3.4 on a completed master’s degree.  Applicants with lower GPAs may be considered by individual review for provisional admission.

Applicants should send all required documentation directly to the Toulouse Graduate School.

Items Include:

  • Toulouse Graduate School application form
  • Application fee
  • Transcripts from all previous college work
  • GRE scores

    ( GRE must have been taken within the last 6 years)

International Applicants
International applicants must apply through the International Studies Office rather than the Toulouse Graduate School. Please review the International Studies Office website for more information about degree equivalencies, English requirements, and the application process. Apply early to allow for extra time for the processing of this paperwork.

2. Application to the Department of Anthropology

In addition, applicants must also apply to and be accepted by the Department of Anthropology. Applicants should send all required documentation directly to the Department of Anthropology.

Items include:

Please do not send transcripts to the Department of Anthropology. This slows down the application process. The Toulouse Graduate School will forward the transcripts to the department when they have been processed.

The Department of Anthropology reviews all applications together, approximately one month after each application deadline. This is because applicants must be accepted by the Toulouse Graduate School BEFORE their application can be reviewed by the Department of Anthropology. The Toulouse Graduate School takes approximately 1 month to make decisions. You will receive an admissions letter shortly after the admissions committee meets.

Notice for online applicants: Each year we have far greater numbers of applicants than spots in our online program.  If you are applying to the online program but could do the on-campus program, please note that on your application to the department.

Additional Requirements and Information

  • The applicant must hold the bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. institution or equivalent training at a foreign university.
  • Applicants must have adequate subject preparation in anthropology. If an applicant has fewer than 12 hours of anthropology, s/he must take a prerequisite leveling course the summer before the first year of study, ANTH 5000. If you need this prerequisite, you should to apply for the SUMMER term rather than Fall. This is particularly important for your Toulouse Graduate School application.
  • Core classes in the master's of applied anthropology program are restricted for majors in our program.
  • Any other classes that are taken as a non-degree seeking student are not guaranteed to apply towards a degree plan should the student get accepted into the applied anthropology program. A major's degree plan is tailored for each student with their advisor (chosen during the 2nd semester in the program).  For this reason the general graduate advisor is unable to approve any electives for non-degree seeking students.

Questions? Please review our Question and Answer page. If you still have questions, contact the Programs Coordinator, Shannon Selby, at


The cost of a graduate course at UNT is calculated on the basis of tuition, related fees, and the number of course credits, and is subject to change. A complete list and explanation of UNT fees can be found on the Student Accounting page.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Anthropology Department has several mechanisms in place support graduate students.

Anthropology Department Scholarships
The Anthropology Department is able to offer a range of scholarships, including $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 awards, in-state tuition rates for out-of-state students, research assistantships, and department “work-study” positions.  There are additional mechanisms of support available for travel to professional conferences and for thesis research, at the department, College, and Toulouse Graduate School levels.  Scholarships awards are applied towards a student account, and are usable for fees, tuition, or (for out-of-state online students) OSTF.

Decisions are based on demonstrated academic achievement.  To be eligible for these, online students must maintain a minimum of 6 hours per semester; on-campus students must maintain a minimum of 9 hours.  New students interested in applying for the department scholarship should complete this form and submit it to the Anthropology Department with your application for admission to the master's program. Application Deadline: February 1.

Anthropology Department Assistantships
The Anthropology Department also has a limited budget to hire on-campus graduate student assistants every year.  If you receive an assistantship, you will be assigned as a Teaching Assistant or Instructional Assistant at 19-20 hours a week, for approximately $3,500 per semester.  Some assistantships can qualify students for in-state tuition rates.  These are awarded on a semester-by-semester basis.  New and continuing students interested in receiving an assistantship should complete this form and submit it to Melissa Tanner prior to the start of each semester.  

Other UNT Graduate Scholarships
Other scholarships are also available through the UNT Toulouse Graduate School.

Loans and Grants
Be sure to check with both the UNT Financial Aid Office and the Student Accounting Office when applying for financial assistance. The Financial Aid Office recommends that students fill out their FAFSA early and apply for loans or grants by April 15 for the following fall semester. Please note that if you are applying for the late department admission deadline you may be too late to receive a loan for summer (if you need to take the leveling course), and you may also be too late to receive fall financial aid. Financial aid counselors are available to answer your questions by e-mail or phone; see the Financial Aid Office’s website for more details. Students must be enrolled at least part time to receive federal financial aid, see financial aid policies.

The Office for Nationally Competitive Scholarships
The UNT Office for Nationally Competitive Scholarship (formerly the Office of Postgraduate Fellowships) assists undergraduate and graduate students in identifying and pursuing externally funded research and study opportunities. Dr. James Duban, director of the office, invites students to inquire about the preparation and credentials necessary to compete successfully for such postgraduate awards. Dr. Duban’s email address is:

Academic Common Market
On-campus students wishing to pursue study in uncommon programs not available within their home state may be able to take advantage of the Academic Common Market. This is a program whereby legal residents of 16 southern states can attend specified out-of-state graduate programs without paying out-of-state tuition. Please feel free to contact Doug Henry to discuss this program.

For other UNT financial aid resources, see the UNT Student Financial Aid and Scholarships page.