jordanDr. Ann T. Jordan
Professor of Anthropology
(940) 369-7833
Curriculum Vitae

Ann Jordan is an applied anthropologist who specializes in business anthropology, especially organizational anthropology. Her work includes studies of health care systems, organizational culture and change, mergers, self-managed work teams, and global organizational networks. Recent work in Saudi Arabia included a study of organizational issues in a state-owned hospital as well as an analysis of the ways in which Saudi Arabia, a recently emerged economy, drives and benefits from globalization. In globalization studies she is interested in the ways organizations partner, network, decouple, and recombine to create new global organizational forms. Recently she has been working with hospitals in the United States on organizational issues around patient satisfaction and patient safety. Additionally she has worked on collaborative projects with American Indians. She regularly teaches courses such as: Organizational Anthropology; Indians of the American Southwest; Urban Anthropology; and Business Anthropology. She values the field of business anthropology and thinks that in this global world in which we live, there is great need for anthropologists in business consulting, globalization studies, organizational studies, product design, and marketing and consumer behavior. She speaks on business anthropology in venues around the world, most recently in China, Denmark and Japan.


1979 PhD, Anthropology, University of Oklahoma

1972 M.A., Anthropology, University of Oklahoma

1968 B.A., Religion, Duke University

Selected Publications

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