Online Articles on Anthropology Careers

Intel's Cultural Anthropologist
CNN Money. 21 September 2010

R&D 2.0: Fewer Engineers, More Anthropologists
Harvard Business Publishing. 10 June 2009

On the Money
The Guardian. 31 October 2008

Anthropology Among Careers with Higest Salary Growth
Career 10 January 2008

Microsoft Cultures Creativity in Unique Lab
USA Today. 10 July 2007

Home Truths about Telecoms: Technology and Society: Anthropologists Investigate the Use of
Communications Technology and Reach Some Surprising Conclusions

The Economist. 7 June 2007

Knowing the Enemy: Can Social Scientists Redefine the "War on Terror"?
New Yorker. 18 December 2006

The Science of Desire
Business Week. 5 June 2006

The User’s View: Customer-Centric Innovation
ComputerWorld. 29 May 2006

How to Build a Better Product – Study People
PC Magazine. 9 May 2006

Getting to Know You
FORTUNE. June 2005

Kodak Updates Its Brownie to Compete in a Digital Age
New York Times. 27 December 2004

Corporate Anthropology: Dissecting Consumer Appetites (interview)
NPR. 9 December 2004

Anthropologists to Beat Gadget Rage
New Scientist. 19 December 2004

Anthropologists in Workplace Seek New Product Ideas
USA Today. 8 November 2004

Culture Matters: An Interview with Genevieve Bell
Gotomedia. November 2004

Anthropologists Dig into Business
Mercury News. 8 September 2004

Reaching the Connected Generation
Business Week Online. 12 July 2004

For Technology, No Small World After All
New York Times. 6 May 2004

Every Move You Make
Fast Company. April 2004

Off with the Pith Helmets
The Economist. 11 March 2004

Taking a Closer Look at Your Customers
Brandchannel. 21 July 2003

Consumers in the Mist. For Real Insights into Your Clients, Hire an Anthropologist
Inc. April 2003

Software for the People
CIO. 1 April 2002

People: Bonnie Nardi (interview)
Argus Center for Information Architecture. 17 November 2001

It's a Jungle Out There. Corporate Anthropology: Dirt-free Research 23 May 2001

Anthropologists in the Corporate Jungle
BusinessWeek. 20 September 2000

Hot asset: Anthropology Degrees
USA Today. 18 February 1999

Joining the Culture Club: If you Want to Understand Employees' Behavior, go to the Experts
CIO Magazine. 15 October 1996

First Monday Interviews: Spreadsheet Anthropologist Apple Researcher Bonnie Nardi
Observes Digital Villagers at Work
First Monday