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The PADAWAN Society is an intitiative by the Department of Anthropology to partner undergraduate majors (UASA) with graduate mentors (GASA) in support, promotion, and preparation of postgraduate students.

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Eligibility Requirements


  • Must hold to Good Standing status @ UNT

  • Active member of UASA
  • In-Residence
  • Completed between 60-89 hours
  • Anthropology major


  • Must hold to Good Standing status @ UNT
  • 2 Semester mentor commitment
  • Commit to 2 meetings/semester

Membership Commitments

Mentors/Mentees will be required to meet a minimum of twice per semester. Opportunities for meet-ups will be available through departmentally sponsored pizza lunches.

Enrichment Programs:
Enrichment workshops will be offered to undergraduate mentees. Mentees are required to attend at least 1 enrichment workshop per semester.

Voluntary Opportunities:
Development opportunities will be offered which include, but are not limited to: social media, social outings, topical newsletters, online discussion groups.


  • Invite-Only End of the Year Dinner
  • Pinning Ceremony
  • Mentees will be invited to attend Master's Degree Hooding Ceremony

Interested in Applying?

Undergraduate students will need to fill out this application.

Graduate students will need to fill out this application.

Questions can be sent to the faculty mentor, Melissa Nelson (

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