UNT Anthropology Faculty Directory

For more information about a faculty member, you may click on their name to access their web page. The main anthropology department phone number is (940) 565-2290.

Name E-mail Phone
Davenport, Beverly
Principal Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Director
Beverly.Davenport@unt.edu (940) 565-2292
Dunstan, Adam
Adam.Dunstan@unt.edu (940) 565-2170
Henry, Doug
Associate Professor and
Director of Graduate Programs
(940) 565-3836
Henry, Lisa
Professor and Department Chair
Lisa.Henry@unt.edu (940) 565-4160
Jain, Pankaj
Associate Professor
Pankaj.Jain@unt.edu (940) 369-8126
Johnson, Jamie
Jamie.Johnson@unt.edu  (940) 369-5403
Nelson, Andrew
Assistant Professor
Andrew.Nelson@unt.edu (940) 369-7854
Nuñez-Janes, Mariela 
Associate Professor
Mariela.Nunez-Janes@unt.edu (940) 369-7663
Re Cruz, Alicia
Alicia.ReCruz@unt.edu (940) 565-2663
Squires, Susan
Associate Professor
Susan.Squires@unt.edu (940) 369-5404
Wasson, Christina
Christina.Wasson@unt.edu (940) 565-2752

Anthropology Adjunct Instructors


Anthropologists in Other Departments and Schools

Ferring, C. Reid
Professor, Geography 
ferring@unt.edu (940) 565-2993
Friedson, Steven
Professor, Music Theory, History and Ethnomusicology 
fsteven.friedson@unt.edu (940) 565-4335
Gill-King, Harrell
Director, Laboratory for Human ID and Forensic Anthropology 
(940) 565-4335
Nagaoka, Lisa
Assoc Professor, Geography 
lnagaoka@unt.edu (940) 565-2510
Wolverton, Steve
Assoc Professor, Geography
wolverton@unt.edu (940) 565-2091